Made In China 2012

Designed for the 2012 (e)merge Art Fair in Washington D.C., this performance and video installation is an experiment in mass manufacturing a limited production of art objects for sale in the context of a commercial art fair. Referencing Apple Inc.'s Foxconn worker’s rights controversy, this work highlights commodity production, labor inequity, and global economies. 
Despite the title "Made in China," 100% of the materials, labor, production, and shipping of the goods were made domestically in the U.S.A. Thus, the cost of the project was more than double what it could have cost if any aspect of the project were outsourced overseas.
The live performance consists of a Chinese factory worker hawking goods to the audience from a peddler's cart. Behind, a video projection on the wall depicts assembly workers busily constructing the products for sale. At the point of transaction, the buyer directly feeds his/her donation into the money slot of the company's cart. The worker never comes into direct contact with the revenue stream.