Aquae Lumen, 2019

An original artwork commissioned by Gables Old Town North, Aquae Lumen is an animated 3-dimensional video of moving water projected onto a seven-foot diameter hand-cast glass disc, made in collaboration with glass artist, Brian Gustafson.

The circular shape of Aquae Lumen is inspired by the history of the building site, which functioned as a turning basin from 1843-1886, where ships would come in and out of Alexandria Canal to deposit cargo. Inspired by the lime kiln owned by Emanuel Francis there, it was said that “limestone can be thrown from the boats in which it is to be brought down the canal, directly into the new kiln.” Lime is one of the key ingredients used to create common glass, also called soda–lime–silica glass. 

Video Documentation by Will Rahilly, Original Score by Ignacio Bonet.