Joyce Yu-Jean Lee on understanding of the “other”, mesophotic corals, & the responsibilities of an artist

The Heart Gallery Podcast, Rebeka Ryvola de Kremer talks to artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee. Joyce works with video, digital photography, and interactive installation that combine social practice with institutional critique. Curious about how the act of seeing is transformed by technology, her artwork examines how mass media and visual culture shape notions of truth and understanding of the “other.”


Three Ways to Explore Environmental Justice Through Art This Week

At the Hirshhorn Museum, an ominously beautiful cloud of hundreds of plastic bottles hangs from the ceiling. Further north, at the Kreeger Museum, an aluminum photo collage reflects tiny slivers of the viewers’ faces among images of deep-sea corals. These works intend to connect viewers with environmental issues that often feel far-off. 

Three different District art museums—the Hirshhorn, the Kreeger and the Freer Gallery of Art—currently have exhibitions or events focused on environmental justice and the climate crisis, bringing environmental issues to life in a way that science and data rarely can.

Reflections of Taha'a
Presented in "Perplexity" at Kreeger Museum

In the galleries: A show that’s almost a scavenger hunt

The first puzzle of the Kreeger Museum’s “Perplexity” is “Where is it?” Pieces by seven former Hamiltonian Artworks fellows are scattered through galleries filled primarily with items from the permanent collection — and even installed in a fireplace, which is where Amy Boone-McCreesh’s “Good Luck Charms” hangs. The goal is to juxtapose the new works with the Kreeger’s mostly 20th-century holdings.


Exhibition Review: Home Alone Together

‘Together’ is a word which carries unusually poignant resonances right now in the midst of a global pandemic. The fact that churches worldwide forewent assembling for celebrations of Pentecost—that day of great gathering together of God’s Spirit and the nations—serves as a case-in-point for our situation.


Home Alone Together Twenty Five Artists

Home Alone Together: We are told that home is where the heart is, but also that, while we can travel the world in search of what we need, we must return home in order to find it. Home has been described as the centre and circumference, the start and finish, of most of our lives. That may be particularly so at this time, in both its constraining and revelatory senses. Home can be a place of abuse which it is imperative to leave but may also be a shelter from storms and the place where our most important work is done.


Slow Connection: TSA GVL presents REDIRECT in Asheville

In the exhibition REDIRECT, the inherent risks of our social media landscape—exposure, error, loss—are reflected through installations by seven artists who approach contemporary technology both deliberately and cautiously.


Smart Bets: REDIRECT

Tiger Strikes Asteroid, a network of artist-run spaces in several U.S. cities, aims “to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects and curatorial opportunities.” Curated by Suzanne Dittenber, the Greenville, S.C., chapter’s REDIRECT show at Revolve’s RAMP Gallery furthers that goal with work that “critically or philosophically engages with technology” and finds each artist “examining the web, social media, mobile devices or other contemporary technology with a calculated sense of intentionality or caution.”


BBC Radio: The Real Story, James Coomarasamy, Russia’s New Internet Firewall

I was interviewed by James Coomarasamy of BBC Sounds


China Unscripted: #42 Hacking China’s Censorship

I was interviewed by China Unscripted in #42 Hacking China’s Censorship | FIREWALL Cafe (podcast).


Hong Kong Free Press Video Interview

HKFP speaks to artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee about her interactive art project “FIREWALL.”

Joyce Yu-Jean Lee Passages

Washington’s best art gallery exhibitions of 2012

Using photographs and video, this local artist focused on windows, skylights and peepholes. Exhibited in a darkened room and illuminated by pinpoint spotlights, her small, glossy photos showed luminous details from such notable structures as Rembrandt’s house and the Great Wall of China. These were supplemented by two video-performance pieces that depicted people inside small areas of light, offering mini-narratives of entrapment and potential escape.


Two artists ask: what does it mean to live under the shadow of the Great Firewall?

If you look hard enough at the Great Firewall of China, beneath the policy documents and internet code and rooms filled with dim screens, you might find an unexpected participant: yourself.

State of the DysUnion
3-channel HD video projection onto custom screen, astroturf, soft sculpture; 8:30 minutes looped, 12' diameter astroturf, 8' diameter screen, 2018

Alight In The Dark – Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s ‘State of the DysUnion’ Extended At NJCU Through Mar. 28

Lee’s Work Explores Media’s Impact and The Search for Hope in a Dystopian Culture


Data Justice: Joyce Yu-Jean Lee on “The Great Firewall”

WOOC correspondent Dan Phiffer spoke to artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee about Internet Censorship in China as part of his ongoing Data Justice series.


Professor creates political commentary through art

Multimedia artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee presented footage of her art installations, which exemplify how visual culture shapes notions of truth and the “other” on Friday, Feb. 16 in Kendall Hall as part of the College’s Brown Bag series.

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The Monocle Daily radio

US president Donald Trump’s warning to North Korea, how to take care of an oil fund worth of $1trn, plus a round-up of Wednesday’s Asian newspapers.


What’s A Whatchamacallit?

A Group Exhibition at Gallery CA Explores America’s Uneasy Melting Pot


BALTIMORE CITY PAPER: Group show at Gallery CA explores the many facets of identity

I put on the headphones that are part of Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s ‘Red vs. Blue Polarity,’ in the group show “Whatchamacallit” at Gallery CA, and a noisy barrage of cameras clicking and flashes flying is the only audio accompanying a video of Donald Trump at a press conference


Joyce Yu-Jean Lee presents “Verti Call” to art gallery

“Hoof prints? Wait, maybe coffee beans?” We trade guesses as we examine the shape repeated across the long piece of brown paper. It’s simple — an outline made by a few contour lines — but duplicated 84 times in 7 different colors.

Daily Voice: “China’s Great Firewall”

By Alex Jensen
(live radio), 7:30a Morning News, South Korea


When Chinese state censorship reached the L.E.S.

Manhattan-based artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee never guessed she was in for a bit of international intrigue and even global headlines when she launched a show and accompanying discussion panels in February at a couple of alternative venues on the Lower East Side.



在智能手機和家用電腦遍佈大街小巷的時代裏,網吧似乎並不是什麼明智的商業決策。它開在中國城附近,隱匿在一大片畫廊之中。毫不起眼的玻璃門前擺着一塊小黑板,上書:防火牆網吧」(Firewall Cafe),免費使用。

華埠「防火牆」網吧 體驗中共網路封鎖

紐約華埠這家只開放一個月的網吧展覽,叫做「防火牆」。一走進防火牆網吧(FIREWALL Internet Cafe NYC),除了電腦,會看到一條豎立在正中央的紅線,它其實是用來對比美國的谷歌搜索和中國的百度搜索體驗。這家網吧的每臺電腦,都把谷歌和百度一左一右的並排在畫面上,讓民眾可以清楚看到兩種搜尋結果的差異。

China’s Overseas Critics Under Pressure

Over the past year, a number of individuals have been subjected to similar campaigns, including cartoonists Rebel Pepper and Badiucao. This week in New York, a Chinese feminist activist who was participating in a round table discussion of online activism withdrew after receiving threats from China. Simon Denyer reports for The Washington Post.


How a New York art show about Chinese online censorship found itself censored

It was supposed to be an art exhibition exploring China’s censorship of the Internet. It became an example of how that censorship can reach all the way around the world, even onto Manhattan’s Lower East Side.



網路長城有多威?台裔女孩開網咖讓老美體驗 中國審查言論的「網路長城」防火牆威力無窮,但除了中國網友之外,其他國家的人很少有機會親身體驗。美國台裔裝置藝術家李玉瑾最近就開了一家特別的網咖,店內每個座位分別有兩台電腦,其一使用Google搜尋引擎,另一部則是使用中國最大的搜尋引擎「百度」,邀請參觀民眾來體驗看看,同樣的議題在「有牆」和「無牆」的狀況下,會搜出什麼樣的結果來。


Surf China’s Censored Web at an Internet Cafe in New York

Established by video and installation artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee in collaboration with technologist Dan Phiffer, the exhibition FIREWALL Internet Cafe NYC at Chinatown Soup enables visitors to navigate the internet as users in China do, filtered through the Great Firewall


Exercycles and Sweethearts: Firewall Internet Café

Firewall Internet Café is a fascinating pop-up exhibition that allows visitors to simultaneously search images on Google and the Chinese search engine, Baidu.


How an Art Exhibition in New York Led to Harassment from Chinese Authorities

This story has all the elements of a 1990s cyberpunk thriller: hackers, foreign government agents, and multinational corporations.


Virtually Real. Conversations on TechNoBody – Part II

This interview is a continuation of the discussion with curator Patricia Miranda and artists Claudia Hart, Carla Gannis, Victoria Vesna, Laura Splan, Cynthia Lin, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, and Christopher Baker around the TechNoBody exhibition


Virtually Real. Conversations On TechNoBody – Part I

On January 23, 2015, TechNoBody opened at Pelham Art Center in New York, a group exhibition exploring “the mediated world’s impact on and relationship to the physical body in an increasingly virtual world.”

First Light
Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, D.C.; video projection onto floor, 2012

From the Roster: Joyce Yu-Jean Lee

Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s work is full of surprises. It is both sublime, and mesmerizing. Were her work static it would constitute a focal point, a centerpiece, yet her moving and changing images beckon the viewer, imploring them to stay, to reflect, to think.

Fall Solos: Meet The Artists Pt. 1

Fall Solos: Meet The Artists Pt. 1 Download PDF FALL SOLOS: MEET THE ARTISTS PT. 1 While AAC’s galleries are closed for install, please enjoy this first in a series of blog posts designed to introduce you to our Fall SOLOS artists and familiarize you with their unique ways of thinking and diverse artistic practices.…


Putting the A in STEAM

An arrangement of test tubes containing color-coded genetic material; a wearable garden that purifies the air; an installation inspired by the periodic table — these artworks all incorporate components of STEM, an educational curriculum that is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are currently among more than 40 pieces on view in “Steam,” a new exhibition at ArtsWestchester’s Arts Exchange.


Tiny Tech Puts Satellites In Hands Of Homebrew Designers

Two satellites set for launch Sunday will soon be in the hands of ordinary people because they run on a tiny microchip that anyone can program.

Circle Of Light
video projection (right), installation view, 2012

Projecting: An Interview with Joyce Yu-Jean Lee by Justine Kablack

Joyce Yu-Jean Lee is a recent MFA graduate from MICA. She currently lives and works around Baltimore, both showing locally and teaching adjunct graduate classes at MICA.

Iconic Gordon Parks photos show shades of gray in American race relations

Many of the show’s diverse impulses come together in Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s three pieces, which combine painting and video.


World Journal, Mao-Fen Yu, 李玉瑾用光影呈現藝術

State Metro, April 27, 2013

Catch a Flick
2-channel HD video composite, projected into corner, 2012

Silber Gallery Artist: Joyce Yu-Jean Lee

If you have been in the Ath lately, you may have stopped by the new show at the Silber Gallery. The exhibition, Perspectives: a Look through Cultural Lenses, is a video installation project using mixed media to explore the effect of Western and Eastern art history and culture on the artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee.

Thoughts and Reactions to Washington DC’s (e)merge Art Fair 2012

The painter David Reed has a body of work he discusses as “bedroom paintings.” At (e)merge Art Fair, housed in the Capital Skyline Hotel, every painting is a “hotel room painting” or a “bathroom sculpture,” and each space is loaded with cognitive dissonance.

Made In China
live performance and video installation detail, 2012 (e)merge Art Fair, Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington D.C.

(e)merge: Performance Art

In performative installation Made in China, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee operated a cart from which she sold small red and gold packages for five dollars, manufactured in the United States and branded with an image combining a star from the American flag and the Apple logo.

A gallery of (e)merging artists

Art comes in many shapes and sizes at the the 2012 (e)merge art fair.


(e)merge Takes Over The Capitol Skyline Hotel

The Capitol Skyline Hotel will look different over the next three days. The (e)merge art fair has brought in 152 artists and 80 galleries to set up installations, paintings, sculpture and site-specific works that transform the hotel in an art gallery for up-and-coming artists.

New exhibits at Montpelier Arts Center

Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, who holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she currently works and teaches, presents her mixed-media work in “Passages II,” one of three new exhibits at Montpelier Arts Center that will be on view through May.

At Last
4ft by 6 ft HD video projection, 2011

At Last

Even though Joyce Lee paints with Renaissance masters in mind and exhibits her work in art galleries, she transcends chilly white walls with cinematic presentations that she calls “projection paintings.”


“New Now” at Hamiltonian Gallery

Hamiltonian’s “New Now” exhibition introduces its five newest fellows, who collectively could be described as muted and cerebral with a hint of design. Joyce Lee appropriates light and structure from Old Master paintings in her pastel drawings, which she uses as backdrops for her videos—by forcing viewers to stare longer at the works than they otherwise would, she transforms self-reflection into aimlessness.

UD’s Blue Sky Project finds fertile field of art energy

There has been a most unusual invasion taking over our city. The “terrorists” are idealistic and beautiful young persons. If the White House had been alerted about this incursion, General Petraeus would not be sent from his new post in Afghanistan to rescue Daytonians from this overdose of optimistic creativity.


Academy 2010 @ Conner Contemporary Art

Conner Contemporary Art co-founders Jamie Smith and Leigh Conner believe in the viability of emerging artists from the D.C. area, as displayed in Academy, their yearly survey of MFA/BFA standouts from the D.C.-Baltimore area

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