Mesophotic Sanctuary, 2022

My relationship with the water and its inhabitants stems from fishing with my father. This established a symbiotic relationship built on respect for marine life, one in which has continued into my daily life and artistic practice. The Mesophotic Zone, or the “Middle Light”, is known as the furthest distance that sunlight reaches into the ocean. Scientists discovered in November 2021 that this zone is home to lush coral reefs and algae at deeper sea levels than previously thought possible… proving that mother nature is evolving to adapt to global warming and climate change. I utilize physical sandbanks as a canvas for projected sea life animation, and glass-blown rondelles to reflect light, evoking a swim through the sea. Mirrored collages layering Polynesian photographs flank the walls, and an oval video portal showcases fictive marine creatures. My underwater world imagines how our oceans might flourish without pollution and human intervention.