Perspectives, 2012

Focused on three pairs of works, Perspectives: a Look through Cultural Lenses presents vertical projections with cross-cultural sensibilities made in response to corner projections that reference western art history. Juxtaposing American and Chinese perspectives of pictorial space, Perspectives compares cultural ways of seeing still and moving images; visual consumption; and ideas of illumination.

The Quindecim, “Silber Gallery Artist: Joyce Yu-Jean Lee,” December 4, 2012

The pairing of “Circle Of Light” with “Last Light” explores divergent ideas of spiritual illumination, including concepts of the afterlife and Nirvana. 

The pairing of “San Shui Sights” with “Room to See” illustrates the figure in landscape; pondering differing viewpoints on the role of the human as a creature relative to the natural environment.

The pairing of “Must See TV” with “Catch a Flick” reflexively presents the consumption of cultural information through mass media in contemporary Chinese society, a nationalistic jockeying of global leaders.