Blue Sky Residency: rEvolution: We The Light 2010

rEvolution: We the Light investigates issues of government, power and authority—particularly social and individual experiences of control and freedom from it. Inspired by the historic words “We the People,” I collaborated with 10 students to reinterpret Francisco Goya’s painting, “The Third of May 1808.” We constructed an performance illuminating a frieght elevator using an interdisciplinary process of performance and video installation at the Dayton, OH Armory. 

Student Artists:
Christine Zuercher, University of Dayton

Emily Coughlin, Oakwood
Chanel Gillespe-McFarland, Dayton
Brianna Manco, Centerville
Madison Morrow, Trotwood
Victoria Postway, Huber Heights
Abigail Riffle, Kettering
David Rodriguez, Beavercreek
Keionna Seabrook, Kettering
A.C. Taylor, Dayton

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