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  • Exhibition Review: Home Alone Together

    ‘Together’ is a word which carries unusually poignant resonances right now in the midst of a global pandemic. The fact that churches worldwide forewent assembling for celebrations of Pentecost—that day of great gathering together of God’s Spirit and the nations—serves as a case-in-point for our situation.

  • Home Alone Together Twenty Five Artists

    Home Alone Together: We are told that home is where the heart is, but also that, while we can travel the world in search of what we need, we must return home in order to find it. Home has been described as the centre and circumference, the start and finish, of most of our lives. That may be particularly so at this time, in both its constraining and revelatory senses. Home can be a place of abuse which it is imperative to leave but may also be a shelter from storms and the place where our most important work is done.

  • Slow Connection: TSA GVL presents REDIRECT in Asheville

    In the exhibition REDIRECT, the inherent risks of our social media landscape—exposure, error, loss—are reflected through installations by seven artists who approach contemporary technology both deliberately and cautiously.

  • Smart Bets: REDIRECT

    Tiger Strikes Asteroid, a network of artist-run spaces in several U.S. cities, aims “to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects and curatorial opportunities.” Curated by Suzanne Dittenber, the Greenville, S.C., chapter’s REDIRECT show at Revolve’s RAMP Gallery furthers that goal with work that “critically or philosophically engages with technology” and finds each artist “examining the web, social media, mobile devices or other contemporary technology with a calculated sense of intentionality or caution.”

  • BBC Radio: The Real Story, James Coomarasamy, Russia’s New Internet Firewall

    I was interviewed by James Coomarasamy of BBC Sounds

  • China Unscripted: #42 Hacking China’s Censorship

    I was interviewed by China Unscripted in #42 Hacking China’s Censorship | FIREWALL Cafe (podcast).

  • Hong Kong Free Press Video Interview

    HKFP speaks to artist Joyce Yu-Jean Lee about her interactive art project “FIREWALL.”

  • Washington’s best art gallery exhibitions of 2012

    Using photographs and video, this local artist focused on windows, skylights and peepholes. Exhibited in a darkened room and illuminated by pinpoint spotlights, her small, glossy photos showed luminous details from such notable structures as Rembrandt’s house and the Great Wall of China. These were supplemented by two video-performance pieces that depicted people inside small areas of light, offering mini-narratives of entrapment and potential escape.

  • Two artists ask: what does it mean to live under the shadow of the Great Firewall?

    If you look hard enough at the Great Firewall of China, beneath the policy documents and internet code and rooms filled with dim screens, you might find an unexpected participant: yourself.

  • Alight In The Dark – Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s ‘State of the DysUnion’ Extended At NJCU Through Mar. 28

    Lee’s Work Explores Media’s Impact and The Search for Hope in a Dystopian Culture