Project Your Future, 2018

The Metropolitan Museum of Art commissioned me to host an art workshop for the 2018 annual World Culture festival. I created a video and LED light installation entitled “Project Your Future with Joyce Yu-Jean Lee,” that invited participants of all ages to play with light and color and create an illuminated sculpture to share their future with the world.

From noon to 5pm on October 27th, 2018 in the Carroll Classroom of the Uris Center for Education at the MET, we created together transparent sculptures to project colorful drawings with flashlights onto large weather balloons suspended from the cieling. For the younger participants, we created transluctent magnetic sculptures on illuminated light boxes.

This workshop was commissioned by The MET in support of the belief that “art creates a space for the past, present, and future to live together. Discover what your future holds through performances, storytelling, interactive gallery activities, and artist-led workshops.”